exhibition at Andersson/Sandström

by Linda Dobke (EN)

...Kofmann’s imagery is a result of a systematic process of alteration.
She travels to specific locations anywhere in the world. There, she selects a limited area to photograph, which will become the “stage” of the future image, where people go in and out. Transit areas are especially fitting, railway stations, airports and squares.
Everyday life is invited to partake in the images and accidental results are welcome. But the end result, presented in this exhibition, has undergone much alteration.
A finished work is developed from multiple shots, digitally processed and merged together into visual collages. The perspective has been shifted, from frontal to aerial vantage points.
Space is distorted and authenticity disrupted. And while there is a seemingly real sense of a frozen moment in time, it is purely a result of our learnt perception of photography…