At a Future Time (EN)

by Nicole Löser

... Katrin Korfmann's attention focuses on the seemingly ordinary. Her decidedly neutral point of view suggests a high degree of objectivity and at the same time leads toward a fictive world.
Observing situations of everyday life through a video or still-camera, Korfmann adjoins complete frames as if they were fragments, assembling them to comprise one completed image, often presented in a light-box. And through this experimental process, she casts off her sources' original contexts and associations to build an illusion of movement and expanded setting. Based on a concept of photography, her works are comparable to a moment of déjà vu. In her creative discourse she deals with the issues of posing versus acting, observing versus being the object of another's attention. In so doing, she frequently captures seemingly incongruous situations within her images, where lack of control leads to surprise. Indeed, she chooses her concept—but not the actual protagonists of her works...